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    With more than 1500 registered Spots , you can always discover new places to explore in the city.
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    Find out what’s going on in the city any day of the week.
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    No car? Check out the Transportation Network Map to keep moving.
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    Get to know more about the city and it’s history.
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    Learn how to become a model citizen by checking out campaigns and messages that promote civic education.

UBI aims to transform Maputo into an intelligent, accessible and inclusive city, simplifying it’s citizens lives with a tool that is user-friendly and at everyone’s disposal.

You can find UBI K at several strategic points in the city making it much easier to know what’s going on around you.

All it takes is one click to access all the information you need. Quick and easy!

Complementing its unique platform, UBI K has a screen dedicated exclusively to advertisements. You can find him in strategic avenues, where hundreds of people pass through every day. With our innovative format, your brand is guaranteed to be in the spotlight for the time you determine.

Interested in brand activations or implementing other specific uses? No worries! We can do that too!
All you have to do is contact us!