Painel Dedicado

Thousands of people walk our city’s streets every day. With our Kiosks present at selected strategic locations, your brand can get closer to your audience and speak directly to them. A screen dedicated exclusively to advertising also gives you the possibility to showcase your brand in an effective way!

  • Proximity to your Customer
    By conveying your message at eye level, you can speak directly to your audience using a customised approach.
  • Strategic Locations
    Located at strategic points in the city, our digital Kiosks reach a large amount of diverse people.
  • Public Interest
    UBI K is not just a new DOOH used for advertising. It also includes a useful, informative platform available to all citizens on a daily basis thus capitalizing on it’s communication.
  • Non-stop Communication
    18 hours of non-stop broadcasting and daily total traffic of more than 15,000 people.
  • Brand Activations
    With a touch screen, camera and audio functionality, UBI K is perfect to create memorable, custom-made brand activations.

Our digital kiosks are located at strategic points in the city, exposed to a considerable amount of diverse pedestrians. You can choose between the various sites we have at your disposal or even opt to feature in all of them and expand your brand communication!

1 Instituto Comercial

Crossing of Av. 24 de Julho with Av. Tomás Nduda

5,000 People / day

2 33 Andares

3 Julius Nyerere

Want to increase your brand’s visibility?
Put a video on our kiosks and reach thousands of people in a personalized way!

You can also do once-off activations or develop a specific feature for your brand. Just contact us!

1 Kiosk of choice 5.950 MZN / Month * K1 10 second ads A total of 9000 views / month
3 Kiosk of choice 15.450 MZN / month * 5.150 MZN PER KIOSK K3 10 second ads A total of 27000 views / month
K-ACT One-time activation Request Quote Personalized Activations

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